Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things

"[This retelling of Mansfield Park] winningly upholds the spirit of its source material. A well-fleshed-out secondary cast keeps this debut fresh." --Booklist

"[Jane Austen] would no doubt approve of this retelling's dreamy romance and sly social commentary. A sweet, gentle modernization of Jane Austen that packs a little subversive punch." --Kirkus

"The author shows skill in accurately portraying the conflicting needs and desires of a girl turning into a woman, both sexually and intellectually." --School Library Journal

"Part steamy romance, part comedy of manners, the story effectively mirrors Austen’s writing style with its sharp-witted dialogue and gentle pokes at society. Trapped in a superficial world, Edie emerges as a noble, genuine heroine, who (usually) remembers to follow her late mother’s advice: “If you let your heart drive, don’t forget to bring your brain." " --Publishers Weekly

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