Wish You Were Here

A graphic journey via unicycle

Wish You Were Here is a series of post cards inspired by my attempt to woo a cute boy. I'd just started seeing a guy who asked me what I was up to. Not wanting to be dull, I said I was travelling the world as a unicycling pig juggler. Next thing I knew, I was recruiting my friends from all over the world to send him postcards from my journey.

What began as a goofball impulse became a multi-month project in which I wrote a lot of puns while exploring the various ways distance is created in relationships. During the process, I also realized how intertwined we are as a species of storytellers. My friends jumped on board. Postcards poured in. People I hadn't spoken to for years became invested in the story, because they were part of it now, too.

Alas, I didn't win the guy, but it was a hell of a journey.