Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things

Jane Austen's Mansfield Park gets a modern YA update. Edie loves Sebastian. Sebastian loves Claire. Rupert loves Maria. Maria and Julia both love Henry. Henry loves himself, but might be open to expanding his horizons. Only two of them end up together.

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How Not To Fall In Love

A hardened cynic and a hopeless romantic teach each other about love in this Don Quixote inspired YA contemporary that's equal parts heart and humor. A girl who works in a wedding shop but hates romance. A boy with a sword, a windmill, and an impossible dream. They might get to kiss at the end.

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Marlowe Banks, Redesigned

An introverted costume production assistant relocates to Hollywood to rebuild her artistic confidence. There, she stumbles into a role opposite an arrogant TV star when an exchange of furious glances gets captured on film, launching a social media campaign to ship them into an on-screen enemies-to-lovers romance. Off-screen they can still hate each other. Or can they?

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